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Video Deposition Rates

Video Depositions

$300.00 (minimum) which includes the first two hours.

$125.00 per hour thereafter, billed in quarter hour increments.

Please inquire about deposition location when booking this service.

Depositions that go over 8 hours in a single day or depositions occurring on weekends and holidays, will be invoiced at 1 ½ times our regular rates for those hours.  Our billing time begins at the deposition's scheduled start time and ends when the videographer goes off the record.  

Add a Second Camera for no additional charge additional.  A second camera can be used when you want one camera on the witness and another camera on a sign language interpreter, exhibits, or the taking attorney.  Both images can be merged into a single "split-screen" image onto a DVD (see Post-Production Editing Services below).

Video Deposition Copies

$35.00 per DVD.


Travel Time

No charge for the first 1 hour of travel.

$35.00 per hour travel time beyond one hour outside of Clark County Nevada.  Travel time charges can be waived for full and multiple day depos.  However, hotel charges may apply.

Post-Production Editing Services

$155.00 per hour


$30.00 for each 8 X10 photograph
(These can be printed as stills from video footage or from scanned exhibits.)

Cancellation / Appearance Fee

Same day cancellation, up until two hours of scheduled deposition start time, is half the minimum rate, or $150.00.  The full minimum rate of $300.00 will apply if the cancellation is within two hours of the scheduled deposition start time.

We look forward to being a part of your team!
Please call us at 702-582-1049 if you have questions or if you would like to schedule a deposition.
You may also schedule a deposition by using this on-line Video Deposition Request Form below.

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