Making Showtime History

Our Story

An Idea is Born

Striving for excellence is number one for Legacy Lenz Entertainment and we provide service to top notch clients on a daily basis. The conception of an idea is put into pre-production if our staff agrees to full range a budget. 

Our First Employee

Coming from Discovery Networks he is on top of every production we send to distribution worldwide. 

400 Happy Customers

In the past 4 years our customers have grown as well as our customer service teams. Everyone loves our prices and dependability. Everyone on our staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and professionally represented. Our 4k and 6k video is in line with growing technology. 

George Clinton

Executive Producer, President/CEO

MBA, BA, Masters of Fine Arts, Actor

Certified Drone Operator, Licensed by FAA

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Al Mancuso

Senior Advisor, Vice President/CFO

Actor, Producer, Professional Wrestler 

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Yana Dobidovska

Executive Senior Business Operations 

PHD, MBA, Masters of International Law

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Brent Jones

Executive Travel Advisor, Marketing Specialist

Owner of Fly First Class 


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Joe Allgood

Writer, Comedian

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Doreen Pearson


Owner Empowering Lifestyle 

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Zeus Pendragon

Executive Security, Studio Enforcer, Certified Service Dog in Personal Protection, Guard Dog

Born December 30th 2016

Son of Gwaine Pendragon & Larissa Pendragon

Zeus Pendragon has been with the company since he was a puppy. At 13 weeks his ears were cropped making him a very distinguished dog in his breed.