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Making Showtime History

Feature Films/Completed/In Development/or In-Production

America's Killer Cops/Film/W


Rosie's American Dream/Film/K13

A Change of Hate/Film/W

350 Clicks/Film/W

Casted Away/Film/K13

Casted Away 2/Film/K13

Cops Doit Again/Film/W

Dead Mans Curve/Film/W

Building Blocks Again/Film/P.1/K13

Building Blocks/Film/K13

Interpreters Infidel/Film/W

President George Clinton Kennedy/Film/W

Second Earth/K13

The American/Film/W

American Killer Cops/Film/W


Triller 2/Film/P.2/W

Triller 3/Film/P.3/W

Triller 4/Film/P.4/W

Thug Mutts/Film/K-13

Vegas Badboys/Film/W

Vegas Loser/Film/W

Television/Completed or Planned or In-Production

Grill Possible


Big City Country


Americas Great Home Scape's


Changing Homelessness in America/TV/Docudrama/Reality

A Producers Life/Docudrama/Reality/TV Series

Designing Vegas/TV

Nevada Home Cooks/TV

Vegas Vets/TV/In-production

Life's A Drama/TV

702 LIVE/TV/Comedy

Vegas Heat/TV