Motion Picture Production & Viewer Ratings Company 

Making Showtime History

Production sound stages

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$5.5 Mil - $35,000,000.00

We will bring your project to realism through our very experienced staff and team of Actors, Casting Agents, Crews, or any other services involved for your project. Prices range due to your needs also, with our Union Contacts we ensure the best quality work as well as Non-Union. Do note that there is a very big difference between having your project completed and needing your project distributed to theaters so we have a rating company which does all our ratings for our distribution outlets under the strictest of rules and Industry standards... All in house.

Talk Shows

Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Atlanta

At this current time we are in pre-production stages in Las Vegas, NV for new series that will go nationwide when syndicated. We are casting and looking for sponsors for this show ad more pilots are completed.

Reality TV


We accept submissions for possible production. 


$500,000.00 - $3,000,000.00 Budgets

Most non-union are the lowest budget filmmakers but any film may be in this category at some point. We specialize in dealing with very small budgets to very complex budgets to suite the needs of any producer or filmmaker worldwide.